Getting a job or internship in the 21st century is becoming increasingly difficult and daunting with the number of tertiary graduates each year rising. Whilst it’s hard for students to get a job at any given time, we shouldn’t be empty-handed and stuck at home while waiting for professional opportunities to come to us.

The STEM Leaders Program is an intensive 5 day program loaded with professional development workshops, soft skills workshops and work based projects kindly provided by our industry partners. The program is designed to increase STEM students’ exposure to the world of engineering by bringing in industry experts, mentors and other STEM students to help diversify their experiences. We aim to validate and empower our students to believe in and tap into their potential by offering them the opportunity to contribute to real-life engineering companies who provide us with our work-based learning projects. Our ongoing collaborations with our industry partners ensure that all our projects are extremely relevant to the STEM fields we cater to and are reputably sourced. The program also provides students with the chance to show potential employers the skills that they possess in a risk-free environment and is a platform for potential employment. By the end of this program, all participants should feel more comfortable with not only their technical skills but also the skills required to land a STEM job as they work towards becoming the next STEM leaders of the world.

We aim to mimic real-life engineering projects as closely as possible, so you as students can gauge whether you are prepared for the workplace environment and also gain a valuable addition to your resume!

We encourage students of relevant fields of study to apply when applications are open!

Acquire Skills

Acquire Skills

Industrial Experience

Industry Experience



The program is a one-week program with five full contact days.

The program consists of professional development workshops such as LinkedIn Branding, Resume writing, Cover Letter writing and Interview Skills that are run over the course of the 5 days. Students will be divided into groups with other members of their stream and work on open-ended engineering projects provided by partner firms to mimic the professional workplace environment and provide an opportunity for students to apply their technical skills in a real world situation. On the last day, there will be a presentation night where each group will present their findings back to the partner companies in order to receive feedback and show our partner companies what they are capable of. Over the course of the week, students will have access to online resources, including a forum, for them to share ideas and communicate with their project creators. We highlight the need to maintain strong channels of communication with our students to ensure they receive the right guidance and are able to extract the most out of the program as possible.

The program is also complemented with networking opportunities and icebreaker exercises to ensure our cohort fosters comradery, long-lasting friendships and self-belief. It is also an excellent opportunity for students to mingle with industry experts and gain a deeper insight into their field of study. We truly believe the essence of learning can only reach its peak with a positive, friendly and safe environment.

Our STEM Leaders Program is specifically designed for tertiary students studying in STEM fields and requires a predetermined level of knowledge expected from tertiary studies. We offer transitional skill development to prepare for the workplace by linking academic and professional fields within a safe, growth oriented environment.

Our team is adapting workplace simulation projects for secondary students as we certainly believe high school is never too early to scope out potential career options. It is something we sorely missed out on and hope to bring to the table for our upcoming youth very soon!

Our STEM Leaders Program is run twice a year during the summer and winter semester breaks. Our next program will be run from the 3rd – 7th July 2017. Applications are currently closed but keep an eye on this page and our Facebook page for updates on the next program!


  • “My life would have been easier if I met you guys in high school when I was applying for scholarships! You’ve really helped me with my resume and cover letter skills for the applications to come this winter”

    Tonny Ngo
    2nd Year Information Technology Student University of Technology Sydney
  • “If this program was taught while i was in high school, I strongly believe that I would have obtained a part-time job or an internship earlier. Like many high school students, I had no viable work experience and found interviews to be nerve-wracking. An experience is a key commodity in the job search, it was difficult to basically compete with nothing. This program would have equipped me with skills to differentiate myself from my peers as well as jump start my entry into the communications industry at a much earlier stage, rather than attempting to hone them in my final year of university.”

    Duyen Nguyen
    4th Year Media and Com. Student University of New South Wales
  • “The Real Skills Education workshop for resume and interview skills was very beneficial and was very personalised. The people running the program are very knowledgeable in this field and were able to provide us with one on one resume help, examples of good resumes, and valuable interview experience and tips.”

    David Morgan
    3rd Year Civil Engineering Student University of New South Wales