Short 1-1.5 hour workshops run throughout the semester that are designed to help students develop a deeper understanding and skills in specific areas of their professional development. These areas include:

  • Resume writing
  • Interview skills
  • Networking skills
  • Presentation skills

These programs are great for those looking to develop specific skills in singular areas of their professional development.


STEM Leadership Program

An intensive 5 day program that is designed to encourage students to learn by doing. Students will partake in various professional development workshops that are designed to help them develop their soft skills, such as presentation and networking skills, which are necessary for success in the 21st century. Students will also be split into stream-specific teams to work on real life engineering projects over the 5 days, provided by our partner firms, to ensure they gain exposure to their selected field of study. This allows students to experience and learn the real life applications of the skills they have developed at university in a risk-free environment.

This program is great for those looking to not only gain some experience in the field but to also expand their network by meeting other like-minded individuals, mentors and industry leaders.