Real Skills Education has a vast and rapidly growing network of STEM students that spans across the major universities in Sydney: UNSW, USYD and UTS. This is a chance for your company to not only help in enhancing the tertiary education learning experience for students but to also help develop the next generation of STEM leaders. By becoming a partner, your company also has the opportunity to watch how the new generation of students work on real-life engineering projects that you provide and potentially land your next star employee.

We understand that time is a commodity that no one in the 21st century has and so we appreciate any sort of commitment that your company can offer. Some of the ways in which your company can help Real Skills Education include:

  • Helping us develop and/or run our professional development workshops
  • Partnering up with us for our STEM Leaders Program whereby your company provides our students with a real-life engineering project to work on
  • Mentor our students at our STEM Leaders Program and help answer questions that students might have
  • Become guest speakers at either our professional development workshops and/or our STEM Leaders Program to help provide deeper insight into the STEM field for our students